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Purified Water Installation Services in Mesa, AZ

All Arizona Water Company offers many advantages to homes and businesses in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. We are second to none when it comes to providing fresh purified water at an affordable price.


Fresh Water and Unbeatable Services

These are just some of the quality standards used on every installation to ensure maximum purity and taste:
  • We use check valves to prevent a backed up drain from flowing into your RO system or becoming contaminated by bacteria.
  • All of our installations are hard-plumbed.
  • We use only the best materials for maximizing water quality and taste and install adapters and water lines in accordance with local plumbing codes and the highest industry standards.
Bottle of water - Water Purification Services in Mesa, AZ

Services We Offer:

Bottleless Water Coolers with Reverse Osmosis

One of our Reverse Osmosis Systems will provide up to 500 Gallons per month of cold fresh drinking water for about $1 per day. Regardless of usage, your monthly bill is always the same.

Installation is free for our rental customers. Also come with free filter changes, moves and service calls.

With a width and depth of about 14" X 18" our water coolers help maximize your floor space. No need to provide extra space for those heavy 5 gallon bottles of water.

For even greater savings on floor space we have "Countertop" Coolers.

Under The Sink RO Purifier

Installation is Free. With our Under The Sink RO Purifier, the faucet mounts on top of your sink for convenience. Not only is purified water better tasting and better for your health than tap water - but cooking with it will even make your food taste better!

In the convenience of your own home your monthly fee for this product is only $20.95, with professional service calls and filter changes included.

With our products, we guarantee that your rental cost will never increase.

For Medical and Dental Offices, and Other Special Purposes

In addition to purified water, our RO Systems can produce distilled or de-ionized water for medical practices or other special purposes. Additional rental costs apply for distilled or de-ionized water.

Leak Prevention

We do not use piercing valves which are notorious for causing leaks. All of All Arizona Water Company's Reverse Osmosis Systems are installed at or near a plumbing drain. Companies which install the RO system inside your cooler must run a pressurized line through your walls orceiling space usually, so if there is a leak it may cause major flood damage.
By running only the product line to your cooler, as All Arizona Water Company does, your exposure to damage should a leak occur is greatly minimized, your RO unit is only producing a little over one gallon of purified water per hour.